Setting New Year Goals

Updated: Apr 17

So we are in that weird time when Christmas is over, no-one is quite sure what day of the week we are on and we are starting to look ahead to the new year.

The last couple of years have brought with them a lot of uncertainty which has made goal setting tricky. I know we are still experiencing some of that uncertainty but you can still take some time to think about what you want from 2022, set some goals and read my top tips for achieving what it is!

1. What do you really want from your 2022?!

If our goals are something we think we should do, rather than something we actually want to do they will be much harder to achieve. So take a moment for yourself and imagine yourself at the end of 2022, and what you might like to have achieved when you are there, do you want to be happier? Healthier? Have expanded your family? Have a promotion? Give something up, or try something new? Whatever it might be!

2. Have a big ‘why’!

The best way to make your goal achievable is to have a big ‘why’, and keep that in your mind if you are thinking of giving up or having any tricky moments on reaching your goal.

So why do you want to achieve that goal? Tell yourself that why whenever you need a little motivation.

3. Break your goal down into smaller ones

Having a big goal can be overwhelming and can often make us give up before we start, so try making little goal to help you on your way, you can break these down however is helpful for you.

Want to run a marathon but haven’t strapped on your running shoes in a while (if ever), rather than starting big and not enjoying it and potentially injuring yourself, why not set a goal of 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week during January, then increase it in February, then start jogging in March ect before you know it your fitness levels will have improved and you will be on your way to the marathon!

4. Tell people your goals

Discuss your goals with others, you are more likely to achieve them if you have spoken them out loud and have support.

Some online groups can be helpful, to find people working towards the same thing and be able to offer each other encouragement.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you get it wrong

If you take a small step backwards (or a large one), that is okay. What matters now is dusting yourself off and carrying on! In order for a goal to be achievable it needs to fit into your life, and that will sometimes mean slip ups and set backs, it doesn’t mean you need to give up. Just remind yourself of your why, and keep going!

How hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals….

Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial whilst working towards a specific goal.

It can be used to help breakdown any blocks that might be holding you back from really going for that goal, “I’m not …… enough to do that!” Or “I don’t deserve that!”

It can help you to visualise reaching your goal, so you can get a feel of how wonderful it will be to be there!

If can help build your confidence to really go for your goals, and so you can just relax and know that this will be the time you achieve what you really want!

If you have a goal in mind, or if you need help goal setting please get in touch and we can have a chat about helping you achieve your dreams!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022!

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