Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy - Fact or Fiction

I am aware that when I tell people I am a hypnotherapist I sometimes get some odd looks! There is a lot misunderstood about hypnosis, and people can often dismiss it as woo, but it is deeply grounded in science, and if you are willing to put the work in it can really transform your state of mind.

So today I can going to be dispelling some common myths and misconceptions around hypnosis and hypnotherapy


I don't think hypnotherapy is for me, I hate not feeling in control!

The Hypnotherapist is In Control of My Thoughts or Actions - Myth!

When you are in a hypnotic trance, it is a really similar state to daydreaming, you are totally in control, you can talk and move and normally bring yourself back to your everyday awareness whenever you need to.

Your subconscious is great at protecting you, it won't let any thoughts or sugestions that could be damaging to you 'take root' in your mind.

You are also in control of the 'work' you want to do in sessions, most clients have emotional or habitual issues because of something in their past they have not fully processed, but we don't need to work on that until you feel comfortable, or if you come to session and just want to skip the heavy emotional stuff that day that is fine! You are always in the drivers seat!

So you are not going to click your fingers and make me cluck like a chicken?!

Stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy are the same - Myth!

Stage hypnosis is entertainment, it is meant to be shocking and funny.

Some people can be hypnotised with a pull of the arm, or a simple sleep command which is great to watch on stage, you will find with stage shows that they do a series of suggestibility tests to work out which people are going to be the best subjects.

In hypnotherapy sessions I encourage my clients in to a hypnotic state by gently talking to them and suggesting they relax their body, then their mind. I believe that hypnosis should be like a massage for your mind! So gentle hypnotic inductions are definitely my preference!

I'm rubbish at relaxing, what if it doesn't work for me?!

I can't be hypnotised - Myth!!

Generally EVERYONE can be hypnotised, with a few exceptions of people who find it physically impossible to hold onto a single idea (young children, some people with learning difficulties and memory problems).

Some people might find it harder than others to relax, but working together we can find a way for it to work for you. I want to help you! So if you feel like whatever we are trying isn't working, don't be embarrassed, just let me know and we can change tactic!

Hypnotherapy - Is that for weight loss and stopping smoking?

Hypnotherapy is just for habits - Myth!

Hypnotherapy can be an amazing tool for people wanting to stop habits like smoking or overeating, but it is useful for so much more.

Some of my favourite sessions with clients is 'inner-child' work, which allows them to help their 'younger self' to feel comforted, loved and supported at a time where they did not.

Generally if you have any unwanted or unhelpful thoughts, feelings or behaviours, hypnotherapy can help you move on from these.

So in one session all my problems will be gone?

Hypnotherapy is an instant cure - Myth!

I wish this one was true! Unfortunately its not normally the case, many of our issues can be deeply ingrained, especially if we get stuck in a bit of a cycle of negative self-talk. If you have told yourself 'I'm not good enough' several times a day for years and years, it is going to take a bit of undoing.

The great news is, if you are willing to put in the work, we generally say 3-6 sessions is enough for most people to be free of whatever their issue was!

I don't want to get upset!

Hypnotherapy is a way of dealing with my problems without getting emotional - Myth!

If you are dealing with emotional problems that have been causing you issues for a short time or a long time, the likelyhood is you probably will get emotional, either when you are talking about your issue, or when we are doing the 'work' when you are under hypnosis.

This is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, we are sometimes taught not to be emotional or to get upset, but when we finally let those emotions out, that is where a lot of healing can be done.

I will be there with you, every step of the way to support you!


I hope you have learnt something you maybe didn't know before! Let me know!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about hypnosis please feel free to get in touch, I am always happy to talk!

If you would like to book a hypnotherapy session with me you can do so here

Hope you have a great week!

Bryony x

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