Hypnobirthing - Classes Now Available for Booking!

Updated: Apr 17

I am so excited to announce that hypnobirthing classes are now available to book, online classes, with a small group over zoom, starting on April 15th for 6 weeks.

But what is Hypnobirthing and how does it help you?


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool used by women all over the globe to help empower themselves and their birth partners with knowledge about how birth happens, what you can do help, and what may happen and the choices you have regarding your birth. Using a mix of education about your body, affirmations and hypnosis tracks my classes will help you release any fears or uncertainties you may have so you can feel calm and confident about your birth.

Who is Hypnobirthing for?

You may have heard of celebrities like Kate Middleton advocating for hypnobirthing, or imagine that it is only for people who are having pain relief free home births. However I strongly believe that whatever birth you are planning, or if you are not planning at all, that hypnobirthing can help you feel relaxed and in control of your birth. Every person can benefit from a greater understanding of how their body works, and the choices they will be offered.

Will my birth partner benefit from attending?

Yes! One of the (many) lovely things about hypnobirthing is it really empowers your birth partner to help support you in whatever way you need. They learn the same techniques you do, and they can be there for you to communicate with health professionals, knowing what choices you would like made if you are in the 'birth zone' and don't want to be disturbed.

That sounds amazing, how do I book?

Bookings for out April/May Zoom classes are live now and you can book here


If you have any more questions, or would like more information about personal classes, or face to face classes please do not hesitate to get in contact

Look forward to seeing you on a class soon

Bryony x

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