Happy Mother's Day - But sometimes it isn't, and that's okay...

Updated: Apr 17

Mother's day is a time to celebrate mums, something that we all deserve! It can also be a hard day with mixed emotions, if you are struggling this mothers day, here are a few tips to make the day easier.


It's okay to take a social media break

If you are finding it hard to see other's posts about their mothers or children, it is fine to take the day off, or unfollow certain people that you need to, just temporarily, or for however long you need. It does not make you a bad friend, but sometimes you need to put your needs first.


Take a moment to think about those you are missing

If mother's day is a difficult time for you because you have lost a mother, a mother figure, a child or a pregnancy take some time out of the day to recognise your loved one, write them a letter, plant a flower, visit place that was special to you, just remember that you can connect with them in your own way today, or whenever you need to.


Celebrate your own achievements

Some Mother's days can be disappointing, we have expectations that aren't met, or we see other people and compare our day to theirs. We can't always guarantee that our partner, or our children will treat us the way we are hoping, but we can treat ourselves to kind self talk today!

Take a moment to think about what you are most proud of in motherhood, the hard things you have accomplished and allow yourself to celebrate those today.


It's okay to set, and stick to boundaries

It's your day, do not let anyone make you do anything you do not feel comfortable doing, regarding either you or your children, your loved ones should understand that you set boundaries to make things easier and more comfortable for you and your family and respect those.


Whatever they are, your feelings are valid

When we are feeling negative feelings especially things like jealously, and disappointment we can feel like we are being childish or silly, but all these emotions come from a real place and are valid.

Sharing your feelings can help you work through them, either a friend or loved one to discuss your emotions without them trying to 'solve' them for you, or a therapist, or use a journal to write down how you are feeling.


Whether you are a mother already, hoping to be one, coping with loss, don't have a relationship with your mother or if you haven't had a card or presents today I hope you are able to celebrate yourself, you deserve it!

If you are struggling and need to reach out my inbox is always open

Bryony x

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