Do things that make you happy, go on, you deserve it!

Updated: Apr 17

Today is world book day, which has made me think about books, how much I love them, but also how I let my love of reading get lost in motherhood.

Growing up I always loved books and very rarely had my nose out of one, it became part of my personality, I loved characters like Matilda (who I went on to name my daughter after), Belle and Hermione, because they were readers, just like me! I loved getting lost in other worlds and having that quiet time putting myself in someone else’s shoes and lives for a while.

Then motherhood happened and the only books I read were the bedtime stories I read to my girls, last year I read just one ‘grown-up’ book, and I felt that part of my identity was lost, I was no longer a reader, I was a mum, and the other parts of me didn’t seem to fit anymore.

This new year I set a few goals, including rekindling my love for reading, I told myself I would read, even just for a few minutes a day. I made a promise that I would set that time aside for myself, put myself first for that time, and now I am halfway through my 6th book of the year, and I feel like a reader again!! As well as reclaiming a bit of my old identity, taking that time for myself, in the quiet, with a nice hot coffee really makes me feel refreshed, and like a better mum than I was before that ‘me’ time!


This IS NOT just about reading, it is about those little parts of us that we lose along the journey of motherhood, those parts of us that we didn’t really want to let go.

Mum guilt has a huge part to play in stopping us doing those things that we once loved, be it running, dancing, reading, going to the cinema, travelling whatever your ‘thing’ was, often we feel that it would be unfair to use that time that could be used with our family, or doing things for our homes. I will be doing a post soon dedicated to mum guilt as it can have a HUGE effect on our lives.

I would just like you to take a quiet moment to yourself, whenever you can fit one in, and have a little think about your identity pre-motherhood, what did you like to do? What made you happy? How did you describe yourself to strangers?

Now you have that thing, the thing that was once special to you, that thing has been a little bit lost, can you think of a way you can slot it back in your life, maybe for 5 minutes a day? Maybe just once every other month?

You DESERVE to do those things that make you happy, you deserve to have an identity outside of ‘mum’, so please, try and fit those things back in, then stop and take a moment and see how it feels when you have, hopefully you will be feeling happy, refreshed and a little more like ‘you’ again!

Happy World Book Day from me, and I hope you enjoy your ‘thing‘ whatever it is,

I’m off to stick my nose back in a book for a quiet moment of ‘me‘ time! The dishes can wait for now!

Bryony x

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