50 Motherhood Affirmations, From Trying to Conceive, Through Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

What are affirmations and why do we use them?

Affirmations are positive messages that we can use, either daily, or in the challenging moments where we need a little extra support, to help change some of our negative self talk, and the way we think about ourselves.

When used correctly they can be really powerful tools, that can start to change negative self beliefs that we carry around, thoughts such as 'I'm not good enough', 'Nobody cares about me' or 'nothing ever goes right for me'. When we tell ourselves these negative statements they become fact in our minds, but using positive affirmations we can start to change our mindsets to become much more optimistic.

If you aren't sure what affirmations will help you, a little bit of introspective work can help. If you can, have a quiet moment alone, think about any issues you are having at the moment, at home, at work, in relationships, and listen to any negative self talk that pops up. It can help to have a journal and write the thoughts and feelings you are having down on to paper. Then think 'What would I need to believe to stop these thoughts/feelings/behaviours?'

For example, if you often think 'I'm not good enough', in order to stop that pattern of thinking you would need to believe that you are worthy, or that deserve the things around you, or that you work hard, to the best of your ability. So the affirmations you create would be something like 'I do the best job I can, and that is enough' or 'I am worthy of love and affection'

If our negative self beliefs are deeply ingrained we can struggle to take on board ideas which conflict with them, this can happen if we have had the same negative thoughts repeated over and over spanning a long period of time, or if the negative self belief has been reinforced by other people in our lives, for example insults told to us by parents, teachers or partners.

The best way to test out the affirmations you have created for yourself, is to say them to yourself whilst looking in the mirror, you should be able to say it without breaking eye contact and with no negative feelings of resistance anywhere in your body.

If you have a little voice that comes back and says 'no you're not/no you can't' or you experience those feelings of resistance in your body, it might be we need to soften that affirmation enough that you can start to accept it.

One way we can do this is by telling ourselves that we are learning that the new belief is okay, for example, 'Every day I learning that I am enough'. A straight 'I am wonderful/clever/brilliant' can conflict too much with those deep down beliefs we hold, but we can accept our new, positive affirmations more freely if we tell ourselves we are learning these new ideas!

Once you have found something that makes you feel good, stick with it! Try telling yourself your affirmation a couple of times a day, or whenever you need to hear it.

It should make you smile, feel stronger, like a friend has given you some words of encouragement.

If you are still struggling to find affirmations that feel right and work for you, you can try a slightly different version of positive self-talk.

Instead imagine what you would tell a friend who is going through the same thing you are, how you would feel if they were using the same negative talk about themselves that you are about yourself? What you would say to make them feel better?

Allow yourself to use the same words of comfort and support for you, how does that feel?

Top tips for affirmations

  1. Listen to negative self-talk, acknowledge what you are saying and think about what you would need to believe to quiet that negative voice

  2. Create affirmations aimed to change those negative self beliefs to positive ones

  3. Test them out talking to yourself in the mirror, how does it feel? Do you have any challenges from that negative voice?

  4. If it doesn't feel quite right, soften it until you feel like you can start believing it, adding things like 'i am learning to ____' or 'I am starting to allow myself to believe ____'

  5. Repeat your affirmation a couple of times a day, or have it ready to use in tough moments when you need some reassurance.

  6. If you are still struggling with affirmations try giving yourself comfort or advice like you would a friend.

If you have any questions at all about affirmations please feel free to get in touch.

If you are interested in booking a hypnotherapy session where we can build your own personalised affirmations, and then speak them directly to your subconscious where they can start taking root, you can do so here

I hope you find those affirmations useful! Let me know what one is your favourite!

Have a great week!

Bryony x

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